Impromptu Presentations Without the Jitterbugs

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How do you get stage-frightened people comfortable with the idea of speaking in front of a group? Make it a game!

Scott Enebo, in his "You've Got Talent: Thinking and Speaking on Your Feet" concurrent session at The Bob Pike Group's annual training and learning Scott Enebo facilitating improv speaking skillsconference, opened his session with an activity he adapted from the game Jabber Jot.

First he had two volunteers come up and read an item off of two different cards he held in his hands. The volunteers then drew the two pictures on two pieces of flipchart paper at the front of the room.

Then he drew out some stones that had words on them. Three volunteers had to choose a stone and choose one of the words on that stone. One more person was given a dice and told to role a number. The participants in the class were then told to use those five elements (the two pictures, the three words and the number from the die) to create a short story in 90 seconds, and then share that story with the people at the table while standing up.

The result? A very fast group presentation done without most of the participants realizing they had just done an impromptu speech or feeling terrified.

Join us at our 20th creative training and learning conference next year September 11-13, 2013. Whether you've been to our workshops or not, you're invited!

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