5 MORE ways to make virtual training memorable

Think you know a lot about outer space?

Let’s play a game called “Space Race” that puts your knowledge to the test.

How quickly can you label the planets below (1-10) using word bank at the bottom right?


Keep reading, and I’ll reveal the correct answers by the end of this blog!

First, I need to point out the fact that what you just did… is one of our five ways to make virtual training memorable!

Here they are…

1. Games

A great way to create memorable experiences for your learners... and teach them something along the way... is games like “Space Race”!

2. Resource Boxes

You can also create memorable experiences for your learners by sending them a resource box ahead of time.

So think about what items you could send your learners to help create an experience for them... dice, candy, Play-Doh, etc.

Maybe toward the end of the training, learners could use the Play-Doh to sculpt an object that represents their key takeaway. Then they can show their sculpture to the group, and the group can guess what they sculpted… and how it relates to something they learned.

3. Webinar Tools

These are another great way to create memorable experiences. Webinar tools include: text chat, stamp tool, draw tool, type tool, breakout rooms, polls, etc.

4. Modeling

Sadly, this doesn’t mean you should do a runway fashion show for your learners... as fun as that would be. (Especially if you have an outer-space theme for your training… and you’re wearing an alien costume.)

What we mean is that, if you want to create memorable experiences for your learners… and help them remember what you want them to do moving forward… you can model those action steps by actually doing them yourself.

For example, in our one-hour webinar about making virtual training memorable, we don’t just tell you about the importance of learning how to R.I.V.E.T. your learners. We model various strategies for how to foster a sense of RESPONSIBILITY, use ILLUSTRATIONS, incorporate VISUALS, create EXPERIENCES, and give your training a…

5. Theme

Learners are way more likely to remember a theme than they are to remember your content. But if they remember your theme, they’ll be much more likely to remember how it tied to your content!

For example, for workshop "Making Virtual Training Memorable”, we knew we wanted to use the memory-erasing “neuralyzer” device from Men in Black as an object lesson... and that's how we came up with the outer-space theme!

For the workshop "Your Checklist for Kick-Ass Virtual Training”, we made it superhero themed... and used different superheroes and their powers to illustrate attributes of a "super trainer.”

For the workshop "The New F2F Training Experience", where we're talking about best practices for training in-person now that the world has changed so much due to COVID... it's really "A Whole New World"... so we made it "Aladdin" themed!

And for the workshop "How to Present with Pizazz Online", we made it '80s themed... and used our observations about what gives an '80s hairstyle pizazz... to help learners remember what gives a presentation pizazz!

Maybe you have a training that you teach, and you could come up with a memorable theme that somehow ties in with the content topic. Sprinkle that theme into the visuals and activities to help the workshop be more memorable!

So which of those five strategies are you most excited to improve on? How will you incorporate one into your next training?

PS… here are the correct answers to our “Space Race” game!

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