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How do I Transition Trainers from Physical to Virtual Classroom?

Asked: I would like to develop my trainers to transition from instructor-led training to webinar training. I am looking for a "curriculum" to help me do that. Can you offer any resources to guide me? I am specifically looking to create an outline to submit to my executive on developing my trainers’ skills.

Answered: Here are a few thoughts that come to mind that you may find helpful.

As you may know, the Bob Pike Group offers a course called Webinars that Work.  This is a webinar series that can be done virtually or live and online in the classroom. The focus of these webinars is to model, experience, and practice what it means to give participant-centered webinars (in contrast to the mind-numbing webinars that we often experience today). Click here for more information and the agenda items that are covered in this course.


To answer part of your question, the link and agenda that are mentioned above touch on the key points that we talk about in this course. It will give you some ideas of topics that are vital to creating and delivering participant-centered webinars that you can add to a proposal.


The best resource that exists regarding participant-centered webinars is Webinars with Wow Factor. I know that it may look self-serving to promote a book from The Bob Pike Group, but this is the best book I have read on the topic. It is practical and easy to follow with a lot of examples that you can apply right away.


Answered by Scott Enebo, training consultant at The Bob Pike Group.