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Growing Your Training Team

When you start out, you’re a training team of one. But then your company expands and you need to go from a one-person show to managing an entire team? Becky has done this and has five tips on how you can grow your team successfully.

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Easy Ways To Add Gamification To Your Training

Gamification can be a powerful tool for learning.  People love to play games! So how do you put gamification into practice?  Becky has some great ideas on how you can modify your existing content to create a game. Plus, she has some tips on how to prevent your learners from becoming lab rats.

Gamification workshop

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The Secret to Hiring A Good Trainer (Without Regret)

Hiring the right people is one of the most crucial decisions you can make. The Bob Pike Group has been hiring trainers for 40 years and has some tried-and-true techniques for quickly finding and hiring the best people. Becky lets you in on her company’s big secret.

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Micro Learning: Training In Small Bites

Becky knows that online training can be a real bore and, for some, a real time waster.  The content may be good, but it can go on and on before you get to the test. Say hello to micro learning! It’s quick, it’s effective and you can repurpose your existing training. The Bob Pike Group is about to offer a two-day course on micro learning.

More information about the Micro Learning workshop

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How To Reduce Your Training Costs

It costs a lot to keep an employee’s skills up-to-date.  How can you reduce the cost and still deliver quality training? Becky says to focus on ways to reuse content and how to quickly and efficiently design new content.

Links mentioned in the podcast:
Bloom's taxonomy

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Time To Retire (Your Outdated Classes) And Save Money

If your company has been training people for any length of time, you probably have courses that were once very relevant but now really should be retired.  Why spend time and money that you could use better elsewhere?  Becky has some great tips on how to do that and move forward with new and more relevant training.

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Freebies Can Help Build Your Client Base

Are you an independent consultant trying to build your client base? Becky says you should use The Bob Pike Group’s tried-and-true technique for attracting new customers — give away free stuff!  Free webinars and white papers can get you in front of hard-to-reach potential clients and reinforce the relationship with existing clients.

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Have Millennials As Learners? You Need To Speed Up Your Training

Not all Millennials are alike, but they are different than the older leaners you may be used to having in your training sessions. They learn faster through trial and error. Becky has four tips you can use to make your next sessions Millennial friendly.

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Delivering Consistent Quality In Training

A business needs to consistently deliver a quality product that meets the customer’s expectations. Training is no different. But when you have many different trainers delivering that content, consistency can be a challenge. At the Bob Pike Group, Becky has successfully managed this issue for decades and has five solid tips on how you can avoid the pitfalls of training that is well intentioned, but just isn’t what was expected.

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8 Steps To Amazing Storytelling

Stories are one of the most memorable ways to communicate and teach. But not all stories are created equal.  Becky has eight tips to make your story more memorable.


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How Does It Feel? Emotions And Personal Storytelling

People remember how you made them feel long after they remember that wonderful chart you used in your presentation. Becky has some tips on how you can leverage emotions and storytelling to drive your point home in your next presentation.

Link to last week's related podcast.

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There's A Reason You Should Listen To This Fire Story From Becky

Stories make difference. How you structure them can make make a huge difference in their impact. Becky has a great example of how that works.

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Why You Need Some Crazy Ideas

There are obvious ideas. And then there are crazy ideas. Obvious ideas are often practical solutions  to getting things done. Crazy ideas—not so much. But Becky says when you're trying to come up with the best ideas, you've got to have both obvious and crazy ideas.

Did you miss Becky's podcast on big concepts? Listen to that here.

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How To Make Your Big Concept Memorable

You know why the big concept in your presentation is important, but how do you convey that to your audience? Becky says you need to hone it, memorize it and then support it. In today's podcast, she has some tips on how to hook your audience on your big idea.

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Why You Should Let The Audience Be In Charge

The audience has the power to make or break your presentation. So win them over by making it about them!  Becky says there's a lot you can learn (and then teach) by walking in your participants’ shoes.

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Five Rules To Follow When Presenting To Senior Executives

You've got a big presentation to make to the top executives in a company. They're a tough audience. How do you meet their expectations? Becky has five rules you should follow when preparing and making your presentation.  The first one is be brief…just like this podcast.

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Sure Fire Ways To Connect With Your Audience

One size does not fit all when you're trying to connect with different audiences.  Becky says to reach your learners, you need to get to know them.  That means thinking about what a day in their life is like and what they'd really like to get out of your presentation.  Should you use stories? Is it better to use visuals? How do you talk to millennials and boomers? Becky has some great tips.

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Energizers That Aren't Time Wasters

You know the “glazed eyes” look. It's a sign your learners could use an energizer exercise to keep them engaged. But your time is short and you have a lot of material. So who has time to do that? Bob Pike Group trainer Adrianne Robbenbuck says you don't have to stop teaching to do an energizer. You can do both!

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How To Get People Talking At Your Next Training Session

Ever try to get a discussion going during a training session and be met with group silence? Bob Pike Group trainer Janise Horne has some tips on how to get people talking. She says the key is making people comfortable about expressing an idea.

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You Need To Feel It To Really Learn It

Tapping into how your learners feel can make a big difference in helping them with retention. Bob Pike Group trainer Michelle Stidwell explains how to use the EAT model for Experiences that lead to Awareness of the Theory (or the why).  EAT your way through the content of your next session!

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Winning Over Difficult Learners

How do you deal with learners who might be distracting to others? It's a question Bob Pike Group trainer Michelle Stidwell says she is often asked. She'll do a full session on this at the fall conference, but in this podcast she offers a few quick tips that are proven and based on brain research.

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Crazy Dance Mom’s 5 Tips To Make Customer Training More Engaging And Fun

Bob Pike Group trainer Erin Fullerman is a self-described “crazy dance mom” and has five tips on how you can switch it up for your next training session.

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S-p-a-c-e It Out For Better Retention

Learning isn’t easy. At least, learning that you retain isn’t easy. Bob Pike Group trainer Priscilla Shumway says if you make learning effortful, people will remember it better.  That doesn’t mean practicing something over and over to burn it into your memory.  Instead, she has some suggestions on how to weave several subjects together and space out learning over time.

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Tapping Into Gamification For Motivation

Making something a game can motivate people… but only if you tap into a learner’s internal drive. So how do you do that? Bob Pike Group trainer Scott Enebow has tips on what makes a good learning game.

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Technical Training Can Be Fun!

We know that people learn and retain information better when they’re having fun. So why is it so hard to make technical training fun and enjoyable?  Bob Pike Group trainer Scott Enebow covers three common mistakes people make in technical training… and gives you three tips on what to do instead.

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Moving From Trainer To Motivator: Coaching For Success

Many trainers today are being asked to be coaches.   Bob Pike Group trainer Rich Meiss has seven tips on how to offer feedback as a coach.

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Mandatory Training: 7 Tips For Training “Prisoners”

Let’s face it, not everyone wants to be in a training session. But the boss has made it “mandatory” and so some of your students feel like “prisoners” in your classroom and may misbehave.  Bob Pike Group trainer Rich Meiss has seven tips to help you deal with bad behavior without being the bad guy.

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How To Improve Your Speaking Voice: Tips And Examples

The voice you have now is not your fate. It’s not fixed and permanent. Bob Pike Group trainer Rich Meiss has some great tips and exercises to improve your voice and unlock its full potential.

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Setting Up For Success At Your Next Training Session

Content is important — but if you don’t have your room set up correctly, people won’t retain what you’re teaching them. That’s one of the important lessons Senior Trainer Consultant Doug McCallum has learned in his 30 years of working for the Bob Pike Group.  Doug says research shows classroom design that encourages interaction improves retention.

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Names Are The Name Of The Game When You Train

Doug McCallum is adamant that you should have name tents when you do a training session. Why? In his 30 years of doing training with the Bob Pike Group, Doug has discovered that using a name, particularly YOUR NAME, is important. It’s the key to making your next training session successful.


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Why Use Flip Charts And Scented Markers?

Doug McCallum is passionate about using scented markers in his training sessions. The orange ones smell like Tang! But the smell of the markers has little to do with why he uses them. Doug is the “old dog” at the Bob Pike Group, and this week he shares some of the tips he’s learned in his 30 years of helping people learn and retain information better.

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Selecting A Better Activity To Get People Engaged

People learn better when you get them engaged using an activity, but how do you choose the right one? Becky has a few guidelines as well as some activity suggestions you may not have thought of before.

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How To Engage Introverts And Reflective Learners In Your Classroom

Introverts and reflective learners gather and process information differently than extroverts. So how do you make sure you engage them as well as the rest of your audience? Becky has some quick tips on how to include everyone.

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We Listen With Our Feelings

Should you be urgent or entertaining in the classroom? Becky says it depends on the message you’re trying to deliver.


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Did Your Learner Really Understand? Measuring Success With Assessments

Becky is the first to admit that assessments aren’t sexy, but they’re important. They improve your teaching and they help your learners. She covers both summative and formative assessments, explains the differences and helps you pick the best time to use them.


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Using Social Media To Make Classes More Engaging

Becky has some great tips on how to use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media during and after your presentation. Your learners will be more engaged, connected and have a little bit more fun!


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A Field Trip — Virtual or Real — Can Engage Your Learners

Becky says three’s no such thing as dry material, only dry boring presentations. So to make the content more interesting and engage your learner, consider taking a field trip. Becky says you don’t need a bus, just your feet or a web browser.

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Why To Make Your Opening Scenario A Little More Outrageous

Becky has a question for you about prices at the Olympics.  It doesn’t matter whether or not you have the correct answer; the fact that you’re thinking about it means you’re going to understand more of what she’s going to tell you about presenting. She has six tips that will help get your learners’ minds involved and curious.

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8 Steps To Amazing Storytelling

Stories are one of the most memorable ways to communicate and teach. But not all stories are created equal.  Becky has eight tips to make your story more memorable.

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How To Recall Everyone's Name (Even Though You Just Met Them)

Can you rattle off the names of everyone you had in your last class like you’ve known them for your entire life?  Probably not.  Becky will be the first to admit she doesn’t have the talent for remembering names like her dad Bob Pike can. But she says there are ways to make up for not having that natural talent.


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What You Should Have in Your Training Travel Bag

Becky travels a lot — but where ever she goes, she always packs a few essential items that all trainers should have at their fingertips.  Do you have all of these items? Are there additional items you can’t do without that you think everyone should have? Send your favorites to Becky through our Facebook page.

Link to Facebook page

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Kick The Long Lecture Habit

Becky says the Bob Pike Group has a rule: lecture if you must, but never more than ten minutes…and not more than four if you’re online.  Any longer and learners won’t be engaged with what you’re teaching. Becky has some great tips on you can re-tool your lecture into some short and snappy segments.

Links mentioned in the podcast:
Turning Point Technology www.turningtechnologies.com

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How To Make Forming Groups Fun And Energizing

At some point, you’ll probably want your learners to split into groups to discuss the material or complete an exercise. Don’t just ask them to number off. Becky says that’s BORING. Do something fun instead to get the excitement and creative juices flowing.  She has a great list of easy ideas you can try.

Related podcast: How To Put Participation In The Cards - Three New Games

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Begin With Your End In Mind: Planning Your Debriefs

At the end of any learning activity, you need a debrief to ensure that your learner comprehends and remembers what you just taught. Becky says the key to a successful debrief can be how you start your whole presentation.

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Secrets Of A Powerful Presentation

What turns a good presentation into a great one? Planning, preparation and polish! Becky has a five-step plan to make your next presentation memorable.

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Game The System: How To Win Over Your Learners Before You Start

Ask any performer and they’ll tell you they do better when the crowd has been “warmed up” with an opening act.  Becky says you can warm up your crowd with a game or a puzzle. She has five easy ideas you can try.

Link to:
Warming Up The Crowd: 57 Pre-Session Activities
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All The Natural Drugs In Your Brain- The Fundamentals Of Neuroscience Behind Learning

Becky says the natural chemicals in brains can be harnessed to create superhighways of learning. You don't need a pill to access those chemicals, you just need to create the right kind of stimulus in your classroom.  One important stimulus is stress which can be your ally or your enemy in learning. Becky helps you figure out how to get stress on your side.

Podcast on sleeping


The Learning Brain: Lessons for Education

Mind, Brain, and Education Science: A Comprehensive Guide to the New Brain-Based Teaching

Tips For Novice Trainers

If you're new to the presenting and instructing world Becky has five solid tips that can get you going.

Links: Podcast on difficult participants
Train the Trainer field guide

Good Question: What Kind Of Questions Should You Use In The Classroom?

There are many types of questions you can use to engage your learners, but which ones work best? Becky says it depends upon the situation. She has some great guidelines you can use.

Links mentioned in the podcast:
Turning Point Technology

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Things That Will Stop You From Moving Up

As a mom, Becky has heard every excuse in the book. She says excuses won't help you get ahead. To do that you need to take ownership and quit playing victim.  That includes doing things that gets you stuck in a rut. She says the key is to grateful and joy filled.

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Top Tips For Creating An Effective Learning Environment

Change is good because it can excite the brain and that helps learning. Change can also be bad because it makes people unhappy. So how do you get people learning without making them unhappy? Becky says choice is the key and has four tips on how you can apply that to your next session.

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How To Teach To A Group With Different Skill Levels

Your next class session may have people who are just getting started as well as seasoned executives. So how do you keep them all engaged? Becky has some tips for figuring out who is at what skill level, finding out their individual objectives and then helping them achieve those objectives. Becky also explains why it's important to get people away from their supervisors.


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Turning Classroom Distractions Into Opportunities

People who do distracting things in the classroom are only a problem if you ignore them. Becky shows you ways to tap into their energy and use it to your advantage.

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3 Tips For Teaching To Millennials And Generation Z

When you're teaching to a different generation, you need to think differently to be successful. Becky has three tips for working with Millennials and Generation Z that can give you amazing results. Plus you learn how NOT to make mac and cheese.

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Acknowledging Fear Makes For Better Learning

Fear and uncertainty can smother productivity and learning. If a company is going through uncertain times and people are worried about their jobs, they are going to have a hard time focusing on what you're trying to teach them. Becky says the best way to deal with the elephant in the room is to acknowledge it. She list the four ways people react to fear and has three coping techniques you can use to combat it.

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Nagging Is Not Influencing

You want people to learn, change and improve so much you may be tempted to start nagging them. Stop! Becky says you’ll get better results by persuading them in a positive way and she has some great tips on how to do that.

Bonus tip: If you spend 80% of your time listening instead of talking, people will think you are amazing!

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Firing The Imagination With Props And Magic

Props and magic capture your learners attention, fires up their imagination and gets them into the moment — all good things!  Becky explains how you can put some magic into your message.

Easy magic tricks
Becky's new book

Handouts That Are Takeaways Not Throwaways

Becky has handouts from sessions she attended 10 years ago that she doesn't want to throwaway because the content is so good. She has some tips on how you can design handouts of the same caliber so they are treasure and not trash.

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Better Flip Charts Make For Better Learning

Becky shares her tips on how to prepare, post and make the most out of using flip charts.  Share your tips at info@bobpikegroup.com

Mr Sketch scented markers

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How To Create A Good Learning Environment

The environment you teach in can determine your success. So what's the ideal environment? Becky tells you The Bob Pike Group's ideal setup and how you can apply it to your next session.

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Harnessing The Unexpected

How do you turn the unexpected to your advantage? Becky has some simple steps that will help you when an unexpected events happen at a training session.  Sometimes the unexpected is more important than what you were planning to teach.

Becky's new book

How To Level Up From Trainer To Performance Consultant

If you can offer more than training to make a business better, you may be able to make that leap to performance consulting. Becky has some ways to evaluate if you have the good questioning and influencing skills you'll need.


Runs 6:12

Becky's new book

How To Be The Best Speaker You Can Be

Your next presentation will be your best one yet if you follow the tips Becky has in this podcast.

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Don't Teach, Persuade! The Art Of Business Presentations

Making a business presentation may sort of look and feel like teaching a class. You're talking, someone else is listening and you hope they remember what you told them. But Becky says there's one big difference — you're trying to persuade them!  Want to be successful? Then listen to Becky's  four questions you need to answer before you do your next business presentation.


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Movie Scenes II - The Sequel

In last week's podcast Becky talked about movie scenes can be a big help in training. This week she explains the best way to use them, including the questions you should and should not ask your learners.

Runs 4:43

Links: mplc.orgfor movie scene licensing
Becky's new book

Why Use Movie Scenes In Training?

Movie scenes can be a great shortcut for getting across an idea because they're often emotional which makes the lesson more memorable.  But if you plan to use a movie scene, Becky says you need to watch it at least three different ways before you use it.

Links: mplc.org for movie scene licensing

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What Could It be? Engagement In The Virtual Classroom

If you think getting people to pay attention in class is difficult, try doing it when they're watching online with all of the distractions of their home or office. How do you break through to engage their brain? Becky has some tips and strategies you can use.

Runs 4:44

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Matching your presentation style to your audience

Becky says there are four basic styles for presenters. Which one best describes you? It’s important to know because you may need to tweak your style depending upon who your audience is.

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Listening With Your Eyes Will Improve Your Teaching

Listening is a critical element in teaching.  Becky says listening isn't as simple as just hearing what people are saying. What's just as important is HOW they are saying it and how you are reacting to it. Open your eyes and ears and you can discover and adapt to your learner's style.

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First Aid Kit For Presenters

You've got your presentation ready to go, but the seating in the room isn't ideal. It's too hot or too cold, people aren't responding, the equipment isn't working… Yikes! This is becoming a nightmare! Becky says it's time to load up your "first aid kit" so you can fix these little problems before they sabotage your presentation.

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Chillaxing and Learning

STRESS!  FEAR!  These are the enemies of learning. They shut down your pre-frontal cortex. It's why you say stupid things when you're arguing.  You can't learn when you're stressed; nor can your learners.  Becky has some simple ways you can reduce the stress, including some things you probably haven't thought of before.

Mood Meter App
Life unLocked - 7 revolutionary lessons to overcome fear from Doctor Pillay
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Cut Yourself Some Slack When You Fail

Didn't do as well as you wanted at that last presentation? Instead of beating your self up about it, Becky has a much more productive approach you can take.  

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Why Spacing Your Learning Is Better Than Cramming

Brain science shows that if you cram for a test, you may do well on the test but you don't retain what you learned.  If you space your learning out over time, you'll remember it.  Becky has some great tips on how you can do that.

"Sleep and Cortison Interact to Support Memory Consolidation."
Flash cards
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Freedom And The Laws Of Learning

You're more likely to learn something if you choose to learn it. Becky has some ideas on how you can inject that important element of freedom in to the classroom.

Links mentioned in podcast:
Book: Stress signaling pathways that impair pre-frontal cortex structure and function.
Here is the link to purchase Becky’s new book pre-sale.

Unlearning And The Laws Of Learning

Often people will need to unlearn before they can learn something new.  What was once a skill can be a bad habit that needs to be forgotten. Becky shows us how the laws of learning can help you get people to do that quickly.

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How To Successfully Coach Your Learners To The Next Level

Becky has some tips on how you can go beyond being a teacher and become a coach.  One of the keys is coming up with a burning question. What is a burning question? The answer is in the podcast.

The Question That Triples Your Students' Learning

Learning works better when your students do the work. Just like exercise, if they use it they won't lose it. Becky has a sure-fire way to make higher order thinking happen in your next training session.

C3 softworks http://www.c3softworks.com
Blooms taxonomy https://cft.vanderbilt.edu/guides-sub-pages/blooms-taxonomy/

Shut Up and Let Your Students Learn

Becky is a recovering lecturer. She loves to talk and can tell you five different ways to sell something.  She'll also tell you that's the wrong way to increase learning.  Teaching just one way to do something is the basis of Instructor Led Participant Centered (ILPC) training.  It's based on brain science. Bonus: It's a repeatable process that cuts your design time in half!


Make Your Learners Move So The Lesson Sticks

Review time is an important part of learning when you have the learners actually doing the review, not you. But how you set it up makes a big difference. Your job is to review using some of the fun, interactive ways she suggests.
Runs 4:31

De-stressing Your Way To Better Recall

Relaxed brains will learn and recall information better than stressed brains.  Becky says your surroundings, including the smell of where you are, can have a big impact on stress and memory recall.  She has several ideas on what you can do today to reduce stress and bring multiple senses into your learning environment.
Links mentioned in the podcast
Brain Rules—John Medina  http://www.brainrules.net
Made To Stick—Chip and Dan Heath http://heathbrothers.com/books/made-to-stick/
Dr. Caroline Leaf  http://drleaf.com
Runs 5:34


Making Big Projects Bite Size

Does tackling a big project make you feel overwhelmed?  Instead of trying to do it all at once, Becky suggests you make those big elephants into bite-sized 10 minute bits. Not only does it work on the things you have to do, but it also works with the things you love to do!
Runs 4:16

When Is Your Best Time To Work?

Becky confesses she isn't a planner, she's a crammer.  Some of her best work comes in the moment right before her presentation is due. When’s the most productive time for you to work? Becky has a few simple guidelines that will help you and your audience get the most out of your time.
Runs 3:50

How To Rapidly Design Your Next Great Presentation

Got a super important presentation to do and limited time to get it ready? Becky shares her method for pulling it together fast but successfully.
Runs 3:23

Nine Scheduling Fails You Should Avoid

If you want an audience to show up to your next presentation, you need to do it at a time and place that works for them. That sounds simple, but it can be difficult to do unless you use Becky’s scheduling checklist.
Runs 6:17

The Six Most Important Tips About Presenting

This is a checklist that Becky uses every time before she does a presentation large or small.  It makes learning easier, gets buy in from your audience faster and reduces your stress!
Runs 5:12

Too Much Content And Not Enough Time

It's crunch time and you have too much content for your presentation. How do you get it all in? Becky has three tips to save time and still get your important points across.
Runs 5:12

Three Buckets That Will Fill Your Presentation

How should you decide what goes in your presentation? Becky has a system — three buckets — that will help you decide what you need to put in and what you need to leave out.
Runs 2:52

How To Be A Trusted, Authentic Trainer

Your reputation as a trainer depends on people trusting what you say and you keeping information confidential that should be kept confidential.  It can be harder to do than it sounds.  Becky has some tips on how to avoid common pitfalls that make you appear to be untrustworthy.

Book mentioned in this podcast:
The Trust Edge by David Horsager - http://www.amazon.com/The-Trust-Edge-Relationships-Stronger/dp/1476711372


How You Can Be The Best Presenter Ever

Becky says Bette Midler and Johnny Carson can teach you a lot about being a presenter.


Keeping Your Cool In The Classroom

What do you do when your learners verbally attack you in the classroom?  Becky has some thoughts on how you can come off as strong and not defensive when these situations arise.

Becky mentions her Heart Math podcast.  Here’s the link to it:


Adapting To Differences And Difficult Learners

Who you are, what you’re teaching, and who you’re teaching it to can sometimes make it difficult for learning.  Becky has some ideas on how you can be ready to deal with the challenges that differences can present.


Working Smarter AND Harder

If you can get your learners to focus on their clients, you’ll find they’ll work harder and smarter.  Becky has some great ideas on how to make that happen.


Turning Your Learners’ Boss Into A Coach

People won’t use what they learn from you if their boss isn’t on board with the program. So to be successful, you need to build a relationship with that boss. Becky says you need to encourage that boss to become a coach.


A Menu To Fight The Post-Lunch Dip Syndrome

You know from experience that people don’t pay attention as much after lunch. So how do you fight the post-lunch dip syndrome?  Becky says the key is to put brain friendly food on the lunch menu.


Eliminating Cheating In The Classroom

Everyone knows that cheating during tests is wrong. But some people do it anyhow. Why?  Becky says most of the time cheating can be prevented with one simple exercise.


How’s The Learning Weather In Your Classroom?

Too hot? Too cold? Too humid? The environment that makes up your classroom can precipitate or freeze out learning. And as Becky explains you need to consider not just the temperature, but also the colors you use as well as the furniture design.


Let’s Get To The Heart Of It

Your learner’s mind may understand, but if their heart doesn’t believe and accept what is taught, their behavior won’t change.  Becky explains how to get your message from the head to the heart.


Games Trainers Play

Games will help people learn, but only if they're content driven. Becky has a game you can try that really fits the bill.


Classroom Success Pro Tip: New Ways To Pick Team Leaders

How you pick and manage the group leaders in the classroom can have a big impact on the success of your training. Becky has some creative ways to choose people, but also some tips on how you can use that process to better engage your learners.

How To Calm Down Before You Present

Nervous about that next presentation?  Listen to this podcast before you speak and you'll be much calmer. Becky says the key getting rid of the tension is to listen to your heart.

Six Tips To Become Your Client's Trusted Advisor

Business success comes when you can move from being your client's customer service provider to trusted advisor. Becky has six tips of things you can do on the phone or in person.

Five deadly sins of team teaching

Teaching as part of a team can be fun, but it also has its pitfalls.  Becky has five things you and your teaching partners should avoid and how to overcome them.  Remember, team teaching is more than just taking turns.

How To Be A Great Facilitator

Do you have what it takes to be a great facilitator?  Becky says the most important skill to have is the ability to refocus the group.  But there are other things you need to be good at including how to manage difficult behaviors and adapting or changing easily in the moment.   Can you summarize? If not, Becky has some ideas on how to make up for that.

Links mentioned in the podcast:
Facilitator Kristin Arnold's website extraordinaryteam. com

Book - First things Fast  by Allison Rossett


The Art Of Facilitation- Before, During and After

So you're the facilitator. What can you do before, during and after your session to make it a success?

Becky says it's important to begin knowing what success looks like - but your role in that success is NOT to have an opinion of what the solution is to the problem.  Your job is to help the experts in the room find that solution.
Agendas, timing, ground rules and follow up are all your responsibility and can make or break the session.

And those people who speak too much or not at all? Those are your problems to manage too. You might want to listen to Becky's podcast on how to deal with difficult behaviors

Click here for the Preventing Problem Participants podcast

Mistakes to avoid in e-learning

What's the e in e-learning stand for? Becky says one mistake is thinking e refers to the device you're using.  e-learning has its own set of challenges and Becky has some great tips for on how to do it.


Wake Up! - How To Get Your Audience Energized

Did you know our minds are naturally wired to wander?  Unfortunately wandering minds may miss what you're teaching. Energizers will help your audience be more engaged and learn more. Becky has some fun tips on how and when to reset your audience and energize your learners.


Becky has some epic fails for instructors.  Don't do this!

Time Management For The Trainer

Time management can help you really be on top of your game during classes.
Becky says dividing your content into need to know, nice to know, and where to go can help you relax and make the most of those precious classroom minutes.  She also has some tips to help you organize such as why you should always plan on five minute segments.

Links mentioned in this podcast


Learning From The Masters (Golf Tournament)

Becky says the Masters Golf tournament tees up some very important lessons that you can apply to your training business.  But instead of winning a green jacket, you'll end up with more green in your wallet (which you can use for a green jacket if your really want one.)

Using Smart Phones For Memorable Learning and Referrals

Becky has talked about how smart phones can be a distraction in the classroom, but they can also be a learning aid. Amazingly using smart phones can also get you powerful referrals.

Links mentioned in this podcast
i rig
Training Tunes 

KISS-Keep It Simple, Short And Sweet

Are you making things too complicated for people to learn? Becky says short and sweet beats complicated nearly every time. She has some tips on how to keep your presentation simple and to the point.

Links mentioned in this podcast
Score Series of Books

Creating An Environment For Learning

Images and music can play an important role in making training successful.  Becky has some great tips on how to employ images and music to enhance your next session.

Links mentioned in the podcast
Training Tunes


Deadly Sins Of Trainers

What are you doing that is killing learning? Becky has a list. Are you doing (or not doing) any of these things?

Mentioned in the podcast:
Becky's Deadly Sins of Trainers White Paper

How To Make Sure What Is Taught Is Caught

You can teach it, but will they use it on the job? Becky says the person who has the biggest influence on that might not even be in your training session.

Preventing Problem Participants

It only takes one problem participant to make learning difficult in a training session. Becky says 80% of problem participants can be prevented. She gives you with some great techniques to identify and disarm those problems before they disrupt your session.

Age Isn't Everything - How To Communicate Across Generations

To successfully teach to different generations, you need to know how each generation learns. Complicating matters: age doesn't necessarily dictate what generation someone belongs to. Becky has some great advice on how you can reach silents, boomers and millennials even when they're in the same classroom..

A Checklist For Training Success

Why recreate the wheel every time you create a presentation?  Becky says just like having a checklist for packing, having a checklist for your presentation makes sure you don't forget important details that can spell the difference between an OK training session and a great training session..


RebootingThe Brain For Better Learning

When your computer is running slow, or acting cranky, often just rebooting it will fix the problem. Why? Rebooting it clears the cache—all those unnecessary bits of information that can clog up a smooth running computer. Becky says your learner's brain is like a computer, and when it's having trouble processing what you're teaching, often "clearing the cache" will make things run smoother. She has some great tips on how to do that.

Links mentioned in the podcast:
Lincoln on Leadership by Donald T. Phillips


Making Your Next Conference Call A Success

It's not just what you do during a conference call that makes it a success — it's what you do before, during, and after the call that can make the difference. Becky talks about some not-so-obvious things you should put on your next conference call checklist including picking a memorable start time.

Links mentioned in the podcast:

Runs 6:10

Music In The Classroom: When To Use It, When To Lose It

You know that music can impact your mood and energy, but did you know it can impact learning both positively and negatively?  Becky has some clear guidelines on when you should and shouldn't use music and what kind of music works best for learning.

Link mentioned in this podcast
Training Tunes For Classroom Vol 1-5


To Learn Is More Than To Know (And How Games Can Help)

What to know something? Read a book. Look it up on Google. What to learn something? Ah, that's more complex. Becky says learning requires people to know, comprehend, and apply knowledge. And good teachers make it happen in the classroom with some help from games.

Links mentioned in the podcast
Benjamin Bloom's Taxonomy http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bloom's_taxonomy

PowerPoint Game Templates

http://tinyurl.com/6nn4dde - Variety of games, including Darts, Blockbusters, Hangman, Millionaire, Concentration, Weakest Link scoreboard, animated Power Point timers, bingo number generator, and Wheel of Fortune spinner.

http://tinyurl.com/6ou4nnz - Amazing number of PowerPoint based games: Includes Concentration, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, Millionaire, and Hollywood Squares, Balloon Game, Blast It.

http://tinyurl.com/7ntjb6y- University of MN Center for Teaching and Learning has some of the same kinds of PowerPoint games but with a higher education/corporate feel. Good articles on educational games.

http://tinyurl.com/d8dk33- Variations on many of the standard game templates. Many of these templates seem more suited to a younger audience but will provide ideas.

http://tinyurl.com/6o5smlm - Additional games can be found here that are different: Raceway, Multi-Q, Sunken Animals.

Developing Games in PowerPoint - DIY (Do It Yourself)

http://tinyurl.com/7ge8uvm -UTHSC Houston School of Nursing – How to create a Jeopardy game using PowerPoint

http://tinyurl.com/6o5smlm - Template and PDF on designing “Multi-Q” a variation on Jeopardy


Why Would I Use A Rhetorical Question? Triggers For Reflective Activities

Reflection is an important part of learning.  Becky has some phrases and questions that will help you achieve this important step in the classroom.

Links mentioned in this podcast:

Heart Math focused breathing

Create Happiness And Joy To Make Learning Stick

Emotions and memories are tied in our brains. Becky has some great ideas on how you can take advantage of that to make your next presentation more memorable.

Links to items mentioned in the podcast
Turning Point Technology clickers
Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath


Social Learning: Making Social Media Support Your Classroom Training

How do you tap into social media so your students are learning before, during and after they come to your classroom?  Becky has some great ideas on you can use social media in learning.

Good Answers For Debriefing With Learners

The answers you give in a debriefing are important, but so are the answers your students give. How can you make sure the answers your students give are just as useful as your own? Becky has five points you should consider.

Good Questions For Debriefing With Learners

Debriefing is one of those things that happens at the end of a classroom session, but Becky says it's the first thing you should think of when putting together your lesson.  Becky tells you what questions to use and most importantly - what questions to avoid.

Being Visually Loud Can Sometimes Drown Out Your Lesson

You probably know that pictures can make for a better presentation. But how do you know if the picture or graphic you're using is helping or hurting your lesson?  Becky talks about why simple is often better than being "visually loud."


The Right And Wrong Questions To Get Classroom Participation

Talking at people is boring, while getting discussions going is more fun and fosters better learning. But how you get that discussion going is crucial. Becky outlines four points that you need to keep in mind when engaging your class.

Slow Down And Avoid A Culture Clash

What time zone is it? The answer could dictate just how you do a presentation.  Becky talks about what humor, analogies and metaphors do and don't work across cultures.  Suggested reading "When Cultures Collide" by Richard Lewis available here.

Get Off The Road And Get Online

Spending too much time on the road? Wouldn't you rather be at home? Becky has some hints on how you can get management buy-in to moving some of your courses from being taught on the road to being taught online.

Managing Millionaires Is Easier Than Herding Cats

What do you do when your class is made up of executives and millionaires who are all more senior than you? How do you lead a group of leaders so they become learners? Becky has some common-sense ideas that will help you manage any group of learners — no matter who they are.

Rescue Your Tired Class With Quick Energizers

What does the blood in your feet have to do with paying attention in class? Everything! If you get that blood to the brain, you're more alert. Becky has some quick energizers to wake up your classroom.

You're The Facilitator - Now What?

Being a facilitator can be fun or difficult depending upon the purpose. Brainstorming: fun! Conflict resolution: tense! Becky has the secret to dealing with either kind of facilitation.

Make Your Presentation Better In One Minute

Is your class bored stiff with your presentation?  Perhaps it's your attitude! Becky has a pre-class ritual that will add more zing to your lesson.

The best minute you’ll spend: How to write learning objectives in 60-seconds

Your client will want objectives for just about any class you do. Becky tells us writing objectives can be easy as ABCD and can be done in a minute.

Excuses You Love (To Overcome)

You can't use a game to learn when you're dealing with CEOs, right? Wrong!  CEOs are kids, too! Becky tells us how to overcome the favorite excuses people use to avoid participant-centered learning.

How To Make Participant Centered Learning Happen In Your Classroom

Students are more motivated to learn when they're having fun. Here's how you can get every person in the room involved and engaged.  Fun can force critical thinking to happen.

Nine Easy Steps to Active Learning

There's a time and a place for active learning. Becky has the nine easy steps to make it happen today in your classroom.

Designing Your PowerPoint To Be Interactive

Becky has four easy-to-execute ideas that you can use to make your PowerPoint presentations more interactive.  She mentions a game resource that you can find here:



Avoiding PowerPoint Puke

Friends don't let friends create PowerPoint puke — it can ruin any presentation. How do you avoid making your PowerPoint presentation a poster child for "don't"?  Becky comes to your rescue in the first of two podcasts about perfecting your PowerPoint presentations.

Turn Social Media Distractions Into Classroom Attractions

Does your class spend too much time checking Facebook and Twitter instead of paying attention to what's happening in the room? Becky has four ideas for how you can turn that potential social media distraction into a classroom attraction.

Adding Zip To Old Training Programs

Have you inherited a training program that needs some zing, but you don't have time to completely redo it?  Becky Pluth has a quick and easy plan to transform an old program into something new and engaging.

Adding Wow To Your Webinar

Becky Pluth has some best practices you should follow to make your next webinar a successful one.

Selling To Upper Management

You need the support of decision makers.  So how do you get upper management buy in?  Becky Pluth has the steps you need to follow.

Teach More By Covering Less

Becky Pluth explains how your students can divide and conquer a huge amount of material using a technique called "teach backs".

Become A Webinar Wiz

Want to turn your presentation into a webinar?  The last thing you want to do is take that powerpoint and put int online. What's the first thing you should do? Becky Pluth has the answer in today's podcast.

Learning That Sticks

Learners only recall a small portion of what you present.  So how do you make that portion bigger? Becky Pluth has several tips to make the learning stick.

Sage On The Stage Or Guide On The Side?

What do you do when your audience isn't that in to you?  The secret is not impressing your audience, but letting your audience come to its own "aha" moment.  How do you make that happen? Becky Pluth says its all about making your presentation about the audience.

How To Add Value To Training

How do you add value to training? Becky Pluth says the answer is to serve and believe in what you're doing.

Chaos And Classroom Management

Some classroom sessions can be chaotic. How do you reduce the chaos, yet keep the fun and the learning?  Becky Pluth says the answer is simple.