About The Bob Pike Group

Learn twice as much in half the time! 

Lecture-based teaching is wasteful…and it’s everywhere. Usually the lecture is only as good as the person who’s talking, and even if the speaker is amazing, 80% of what’s taught is forgotten a day later. Surprisingly, most training sessions still reply on lectures and death by PowerPoint.


The Bob Pike Group’s Creative Training Techniques® help people learn twice as much in half the time. Each project is designed from the ground up using activities that have attendees participating in their own learning. These tools allow learners to “catch” what’s being taught while having fun.Participants take ownership of their learning and quickly discover on-the-job applications for their training. 


Our participant-centered approach is successful because it focuses on the needs of learners. We understand that attention spans are short, so we routinely capture people’s interests. Even television directors understand this challenge, and they change camera angles every six seconds to keep viewers hooked.


Our techniques, grounded in adult learning theory and brain-based research, create buy-in, enthusiasm, and ultimately change behavior. After all, learning doesn’t occur until behavior changes. Companies large and small work with us to save time and money on training while improving measurable results.


The Bob Pike Group design and training consultants are experts with real-world experience so they know what it’s like to be on the frontlines of industries like technology, healthcare, government, and manufacturing.


We are the industry-leading firm to train your trainers, design your training programs and develop your leaders


Over 300,000 people on five continents have changed the way they train forever because our interactive methods achieve more with less.


If you would like to discuss any training or consulting topic in more detail or you would like more information on The Bob Pike Group's comprehensive system of performance solutions, please fill out the form or call us at 1-800-383-9210 and ask for one of our Client Solution Directors. We would like to assist you in your on-going personal and professional development goals for your organization.


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