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Train-the-Trainer Boot Camp

May 13, 2014
Training Provider to Trusted Advisor
Train-the-Trainer Boot Camp

Transform your training with learning skills that separate the extraordinary from the mediocre. Spend two action-packed days at Bob Pike's Train-the-Trainer Boot Camp learning how to:


  • Create powerful new openings for your training;
  • Cut your preparation time by 50 percent;
  • Use an eight-step process to transform your current courses into high impact learner-centered courses;
  • Apply the latest adult learning theories to your design and delivery;
  • Accelerate learning in special situations such as computer training and technical training; and
  • Create powerful new ways to demonstrate the results of your training.



·         Apprentice trainers looking to develop and enhance participant-centered training skills

·         Experienced trainers who want to improve the results of their training

·         Subject Matter Experts who deliver training programs

·         Private and public sector providers of seminars, conferences and workshops

·         Continuing professional education providers and trainers


This is a workshop that:

·         Illuminates the importance of effective opening and closing activities for increased effectiveness

·         Shares techniques to create and manage an effective training environment

·         Models Instructor-Led, Participant-Centered training

·         Presents proven strategies to transform current training programs to include participant-centered techniques

As a participant in this workshop, you will:

·         Recognize how to us C.O.R.E (Closers, Openers, Revisiters and Energizers) for participant-centered success

·         Explain effective uses of C.O.R.E.

·         Select specific C.O.R.E. to use first

·         Experience how learner-centered engagement is superior to lecture-based instruction

·         Recognize how to use media in a learner centered fashion

·         Articulate how the different IL/PC models work

·         Examine the eight steps to the design process

·         Identify methods to prevent difficult behavior

·         Identify ways to add variety to your training

·         Explore teaching across multiple generations

Take Aways:
You will leave the workshop with:

·         The Creative Training Techniques Handbook, Third Edition, by Bob Pike

·         The Train-the-Trainer Boot Camp Workbook

·         Certificate of Boot Camp Attendance and Completion

·         Training Action Plan

·         Personal Learning Insight Profile

  • Teaching Across the Generations Grid

To find out more about our boot camp, check out detailed descriptions of the two day and three day classes.